Meet Tim Black

I am active in Yoga, Weight Training, Running, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, MMA, Tennis, Hill Running, Rollerblading, and just going out there and having fun moving the body!  I have kept the body moving just about every day for the past 20 years…

Injury Free!!!!

I have picked up a lot of experience in my days working at Golds Gym and the Buffalo Athletic Club however my true experience comes from everyday life.

I am currently 35 years old.  In my 20s, my consistent dedication to being active masked my then naive views on nutrition. I thought I was eating healthy… lots of lean animal protein, low sugar, etc.

And I looked good – I have the pictures to prove it – BUT I was not well…

Most obviously in my Digestion.  I had what the doctors told me was Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS).  I now know that IBS is not really a diagnosis but more so an admission that your doctor or nutritionist is lacking or not ‘whole’ in their knowledge.

Do you want the real secret to longterm health and wellness???  Implement raw veganism, cleanses, juice fasts, breathing exercises (yoga and meditation), mono meals, The Gerson Therapy, etc  

My journey as a raw vegan yogi began 4 years ago… and that is when my own true healing began as well

If you are sick, at all, adopt a low fat – raw vegan diet immediately!  Stay easy going and stress free, get lots of restful sleep, mediate, laugh, stay positive and get the body ouside and moving in the sun for at least 1 hour per day.  


Why hire me as your wellness coach?  

I am a (mostly raw) vegan healer-trainer.  I am very well versed in:

-Plant Based Diets (vegan, raw vegan, 80-10-10, raw till 4, Starch Solution, and the like)

-Cleansing:  Juice Fasts, Coffee Enemas, Mono Meals, etc.

-Yoga and Meditation:  I am focused on living a very ‘zen’ lifestyle and that is well integrated into your healing process

-I can show you how to have injury free fun playing a variety of different games

-I can help you to heal in ways you may have never thought possible

My consultations are all donation based :)

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